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Same Bat time, Same bat channel

In our neighbors yard is a large, well a huge ciricote (ziricote) tree.  I love this tree, one of the reasons is because it is not in my yard and because it set slightly away I get to enjoy all its mysteries. … Continue reading

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We now live in a red light district

You may remember in a previous post on our ongoing bat problem, I made this statement “So for us – lights 0, bats 1 – fans 0, bats 2 – sound machine 0, bats 3. On to the next bat … Continue reading

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Bats II, the blog continues…

We have bats, I’ve posted about the bats before. I don’t mind the bats, they don’t scare me. I am not afraid that they will attact me and suck my blood, or that they will get caught up in my … Continue reading

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We have Murcielagos

Yes, we do! No big deal; I actually like having them, they eat bugs. I just hate having them fly up on the terraza/patio. They leave batcrap everywhere. I have to scrape batcrap from the tabletops every morning. The cushions … Continue reading

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