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Building a grilling station

When we lived in Colorado we grilled year round. Rain, snow, shine, hot, cold, didn’t matter, we grilled. We saw no reason to change this habit once we moved to Merida. We almost changed our mind once we saw the … Continue reading

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We now live in a red light district

You may remember in a previous post on our ongoing bat problem, I made this statement “So for us – lights 0, bats 1 – fans 0, bats 2 – sound machine 0, bats 3. On to the next bat … Continue reading

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Bats II, the blog continues…

We have bats, I’ve posted about the bats before. I don’t mind the bats, they don’t scare me. I am not afraid that they will attact me and suck my blood, or that they will get caught up in my … Continue reading

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Meet Alfonse

We can’t have too many friends, can we? When we came to Mérida we brought with us two cats. Two older cats, one at the time 21, the other at the time 10. We really didn’t expect Matt, the older … Continue reading

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Black-Headed Trogan – Birding in my BackYard

As I do most mornings, this morning being no exception, I took my coffee and went to my pergola to enjoy both the coffee and the garden. Early is the best garden time, just at or after dawn as it … Continue reading

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Rain, and an update on animals!

Rain, Beautiful Rain It’s been so dry and now we’ve had rain 2 of the past 3 days. It’s marvelous! Some bloggers have mentioned they don’t like seeing pictures of or hearing about others bloggers animals, Back out now if … Continue reading

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Updates to Previous Posts

After I posted Front Wall Project – Se Acaba, there were several requests to see what the inside looked like. Well – hereit is. It still needs to be painted, The new wall is painted, but not the rest of … Continue reading

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