My ‘other’ blog

When I started my blog it was in Blogspot aka Blogger.  I liked it very much. But then there started to crop up little issues, I couldn’t reply to Comments, others couldn’t make or see Comments. It was a problem – so I moved over here to WordPress.

here is the link to my first blog –

1 Response to My ‘other’ blog

  1. kristen says:

    hello, my name’s kristen. i’m a friend of lin dorton who gave me the blog of debi for connections to help me in my search for 2 friends of mine, emily and ryan (newie) who are supposed to be travelling in yucatan/merida area looking for me…
    the fact that they don’t use computers and my cell with all contact info. was lost leads me online to ask friends of friends…
    if you have heard of anything or know of anyone that comes in contact with a lot of people passing through, anything at all would help,
    thanks for your time,
    (excuse my grammer)
    a friend of a friend,

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