I’m down

I have / had a down pillow.  It was my own personal pillow. I modified my pillow by removing 2/3 of the feathers, years and years ago.  I traveled with my pillow. I loved my pillow. I will miss my pillow.

I have, not with great regularity, washed my pillow, it has always worked quite well:  Fresh, clean, and fluffy.

Not today – today my pillow exploded, do you have any idea what that much down does to a washer, and everything else that was in it.   OMG, I hope you never find out. And the dryer…after much shaking I placed a few pieces in the dryer,   gads, it was a rain storm of feathers outside of the dryer escape vent.


Guess I need to pillow shop –


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We love to travel.  We also love having and being in a comfortable home.

We returned to the USofA June 2016 after living in Mexico since January of 2006.

Prior to our retirements, (we opted to retire very early, in our 50’s) we traveled mostly within the USofA, except for yearly dive trips to Mexico and Central America.

In 2004 we did travel to France for our first European Adventure.

We’ve now also traveled to Spain, Portugal, and Italy.  I do love travel, and I do love European travel.

Mostly since returning we’ve only traveled between Pennsylvania and North Carolina.
We are ready and planning our next European adventure.

Great Britain

I was getting ready to go back to Merida to visit friends, and discovered my passport expires in July.  Just FYI – many, if not all airlines require more than 6 months remaining on your passport to let you fly.  As far as I can tell this is not a government rule, but an airline rule.

So no visit – My passport is enroute  to renewal center which estimates 4-6 weeks for processing.  And it now costs $110.00 usd for renewal. Crikeys!

Anyway, planning has started – for how long, what major areas, must see/do recommendations, …

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.” – Mark Twain

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Gardening in Richmond

At the house on Midlothian Turnpike I had put in several temporary style raised beds for veggies and herbs.  They were doing very well and we were getting lots of tasty fresh goodies; spinach, kale, lettuce, tomatoes, squash, chard, and herbs.


We even had this beautiful sunflower come up.  I didn’t plant it but can thank the birds for it.  And of course it is the birds who are now harvesting the seeds.IMG_0803


This is how I decided to do the herbs.  Just filled the voids in some cinder blocks and arranged them in a zipper pattern.IMG_0805


How was I to know just how easy it was to move the herbs.   I just lifted the blocks and scooped up the rectangle of earth, root, and herb and placed it in a pot.

It was really easy – and the herbs transitioned very easily.  They’ve been doing very well in the pots but I knew I needed to get them in the ground before too very long so they could establish to make it through the winter.

When we moved into the Archdale house there was a play area in the back yard that included a wooden playset.



This area seemed just right for a garden.  A bit shadier than I would like, but … Anyway, we gave away the playset, and I set out to plant the herbs the other day – Me, pots of herbs, gloves, and trusty shovel. Holey Moley.  I couldn’t do it.  I called Tom for help – he gave up and we went to Lowes and bought a pick ax.

Yep, Virginia’s notorious red clay, well sort of a yellowish/gold clay.   Gads and I thought the limestone of Merida was tough.

Well we finally got enough holes done for the herbs, and here they will stay till Spring.   I am definitely going to need a roto-tiller, sure hope to rent one rather than buy.


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the house, as staged for sale!

OK these are the photos from the realtors page of the house we bought.  As you can imagine, I am doing my best to “Debify” the house.

I have not yet started painting any rooms, but am adding color using area rugs, and throws.  We’ve not bought much furniture yet,  just a guest bed, and a couple chairs.


1 2909 front

front view

2 front hallway

front entry, looking to exit through front door.3 front entry

looking from front door  in to living room on left, and kitchen straight ahead.  To the right are bedrooms, and bathrooms, as well as stairwell to downstairs.4 living room

Living room5 living room2

other direction view of Living Room6 dining room

Dining Room7 dr view

Dining room alternate direction8 kitchen

kitchen, oh yes, I am in heaven!

9 kitchen2

Kitchen looking towards Dining Room.  Doorway on Right goes to screened in Porch.11 bedroomsEnd of hallway looking into bedrooms and hall bathroom

12 HallBath

Hall Bathroom

13 Master Bath

Master Bath14 MBr

Master Bedroom with his n hers closets, although Tom uses both closets.  I have a separate dressing room.15 BR1

This is now my ‘craft room’16 BR2

this is my dressing room17 BR3this is the guest room18 screened porch

the screened in back porch, the dogs and I love this area.20 downstairs hall

The steps and hallway downstairs23 downstairs greatroom

the downstairs, aka family room, aka man cave24 downstairs greatroom2

downstairs from other angle25 garage

garage, the prius, and both motorcycles fir in here26 backyard

backyard27 backview

back view of house28 sideview garage

side of house with garage entry.

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5.6, that’s how far we’ve moved, yep, 5.6 miles.

We closed on the house 14 August, and immediately started moving stuff over.  We did it all ourselves until the following weekend when Tom rented a truck, and hired 2 guys to do the really heavy stuff; 2 couches, a front loading washer, 2 big work tables, 2 desks, a trunk, and 4 dressers.

1 2909 front

We’ve been crazy busy getting things done since then.  We are pretty comfy now.  I just ordered vertical blinds for the upstairs living room.   We have a large space downstairs that will be family room/man cave.  Once we get to it all Tom wants a monster size TV.  Right now our little 31? incher is upstairs.

I don’t like having a TV in the area where we entertain and spend most of our time.  Mostly because I am/or could become a major league couch potato.  I love TV, for the movies.  I have a ton of dvds that I could happily watch over and over.  And now we have Netflix and I find myself binging on British series TV shows.

I have intended so many times to sit and blog about the house, the move, etc, but am either legitimately busy with something constructive, or watching TV.

The house we moved into when we arrived here in Richmond from Mexico was/is small.

It was purchased so that we had someplace to land with 3 dogs.  The available rentals were a horror.  here is the house


Tom and I are both extremely happy with this new house – it has everything that was on our wish list, other than location.  It is close to shopping, close to the river, but none of that is walkable, all must be driven to – I am adjusting to that.

We are still in the City of Richmond, we are however in ‘the burbs’.  From the first house (pictured directly above) I could walk to the river trails, and into both downtown historic, and downtown business.  Now I must drive, 15-25 minutes to downtown, depending on traffic, and 5-7 to wooded walking trails.

When we looked at this house the first time, although I really liked the house I told Tom NO WAY.  I do not want to live so far out in the boonies.   Unfortunately you can’t always get what you want.  We looked at, online, more than 70 houses, and actually went to about 25.  We put in several bids, you heard me ‘bids’, not offers.  And we were outbid on each.

It is expensive to live here in Richmond.  So to get what we wanted in terms of house, required we give up a bit on location.  I used to believe the old adage of Location, Location, Location; I don’t anymore, because included in that is what you want, and what you can/will spend.

So enough for now, and more on the new house later!


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This Old House

This old house, which really isn’t all that old, just a year or two older than me!

One of the things I decided to do, and have sort of done, is to have fun with this house.  Not to worry about convention and stereotypes.

Many of you may not know, but once upon a time, in a place far far away, and in a different life I worked in Interior Design.  I was great at creating environments for other people.  I could figure out what they wanted and deliver that to them.

I was no good at doing that for myself.  I think part of it was never knowing quite who I was or what I wanted to be.  Still not sure I’ve figured all that out.

So I decided when I started working on this house to just have fun with it.  And I have.  I really enjoy the space and the colors and whimsical eclectic feel of it.

So the other week I was in a thrift store and I saw this adorable wall shelf – I actually passed on it, then rethought and turned back for it. 

Two young millennial types were handling it, O M G. 

Finally they put it down and I snatched it.



So look at this tag on the back, then notice the tiny Made in China sticker. 

I must say I get huge chuckles from this alone.


But then again I also get pleasure now, seeing it on the wall in my dining room.


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Bat Shit Crazy

So it is Sunday morning, and I am putzing around, watering the garden, taking out the compost, picking up gumballs etc in the yard.

Then Tom gets up, he indicated he wanted to walk with me this morning.  So I’ve been up a while, and am ready to go, but he  just got up.  Getting out the leashes cause the dogs to get him motivated.

We decide to drive over to an area where we are considering a house and see what it’s like there on a Sunday morning.  We do our walk, we stop at a coffee house get some coffees, and muffins and come home.

More putzing around and I notice a brown spot on the tree.  I thought it was a cicada, they are driving me crazy right now.

It was not a cicada.  Just look


Now this was noon time, I know this little guy should not be where he is.  These are huge Sweet Gum trees, so there must be a cavity up there somewhere that this little guy escaped from. Luckily the trunks are in shade, although late evening might cause it to be in sun.  We’ll need to monitor.

What to do, What to do.


Well, we cut a branch from the tree and put it in front of the little bat to protect it, hopefully from predators.



Did you ever wonder about that expression – BatShitCrazy?

Wonder no more, according to the UrbanDictionary,

A person who is batshit crazy is certifiably nuts.

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