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RANT – Patient First

2017, 24 January I flew to Mexico.  Just a few days prior to this I had a scratchy throat.  I thought perhaps it was from a few get togethers with friends where I laughed, and talked, a lot. By 27 January … Continue reading

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colon cancer awareness

Since everyone is always interested in medical procedures and costs in Mexico, I like to report when I have something done, I know you are all thrilled that I do this for you. Since its been more than 10 years … Continue reading

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Damn This Crazy Weather! Why Dr Simi is my friend!

We are in a cold front, and we are expecting a really bad one this weekend.  The Diario de Yucatan says to expect 6degree celsius.   Yikes! Last week, well actually about 5 days ago I got a sore throat, … Continue reading

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Tom had…

Tom had prostate cancer Tom had a prostate Tom had a catheter   tonight, finally, he has none of the above.   There was a BIG parade in town tonight.   I don't think the two are related, well to … Continue reading

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post surgery progression fotos

this is several days before surgery this is the morning of surgery, fresh from the shower, ready to go Sunday, 48 hours post op, just after first ointment application Monday, 72 hours post op. swelling and some bruising starting Tuesday, … Continue reading

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and the secret behind the patches…

I’ve talked about it for a while, and finally, I’ve done it. Over the years, and with the extra weight, have come these heavy bags over my eyelids.  It’s gotten to the point where the extra weight is pushing down … Continue reading

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